Unwanted hair – male pattern


Men often have coarse dark hair that they want to get rid of.


In fact, it was in treating the hairy chests of Newtown that Dr Mahony first entered cosmetic medicine.


We’ve been doing laser and IPL hair removal since 1999, and hair we treated back then in the last century still hasn’t returned!


Many men have hair where they don’t want it. Some develop this extra hair in adolescence and others develop it as they get older. The hair may be on their backs or chests, or there may be more facial hair than they would like. They may have to shave more often than is convenient.


Some have just a few hairs between the eyebrows, others seek reduction of all their leg hair.


Whatever the case may be, we have been performing laser hair removal treatments since 1999 and are now one of the most experienced clinics in Sydney when it comes to laser hair removal for men. We can and do treat unwanted hair wherever it may grow, and are familiar with treating all skin and hair types.