Unwanted hair on a man’s back

We’ve been doing laser hair removal on men’s backs since 1999 and with our latest IPL machine we can treat your back faster and more economically than ever.

Some clinics will tell you their laser is best, and to avoid IPL. Others will tell you the reverse: that IPL is better than laser. But with a little understanding of the science behind these treatments it can be understood that whether the machine is laser or IPL doesn’t matter – the key to successful results is having a powerful laser or IPL that can quickly heat the hairs. So, a good laser is better than an average IPL, and a good IPL is better than an average laser.

If you have a lot of dark hair on your back, and you don’t like it, DON’T HESITATE any longer: after 17 years global experience and 14 years of our own experience there is NO DOUBT that you can get rid of the bulk of your coarse dark back hair. The only issues really are cost and safety.

If safety and expertise are important to you you will go to a medical practice like Peach where we have Dr Mahony here to supervise all treatments and answer all questions and get you the best results ASAP.

We are price competitive too, as compared to similar doctor-run clinics.

You’ll find fees cheaper than ours – and only you can determine the trade-off you are willing to accept between expertise and bargain-basement-fees.

Who gets a good result? Who doesn’t?

You’ll get the best result when you have the blackest hair. Whereas its hard to get a good result with blonde hair, and white/”grey” hair won’t respond at all. Sorry.

You’ll get a better result when your hair is coarse as opposed to fine.

You’ll get a better result when your skin is as fair as it can be. Avoid having a tan when you come in for treatment. The lighter your skin, the more energy we can safely pump into the unwanted hairs, and the more will be destroyed.

You’ll get a better result when your skin is thin. Thicker skin is harder to penetrate with the laser/IPL light.

Older guys with less testosterone get better results than younger guys with heaps of testosterone. We always discourage illicit steroid use – but especially if someone wants laser/IPL hair removal.

Persistent patients get better results than half-hearted one-timers. Commit to your laser/IPL hair removal – help us help you.