Peach Patient Privacy Policy

In all medical practices there must exist a relationship of trust and confidentiality between doctor and patient. This is equally, perhaps especially, true in a cosmetic medical practice such as Peach Cosmetic Medicine.

Our Patient Privacy Policy protects you and fulfills relevant privacy legislation.

As our patient you should understand that:

  • We collect information about you only with your consent
  • Why it is that we collect that information
  • To what use we shall put that information and to whom we may need to disclose it
  • That you can seek access to your records with us
  • That you can talk to us about how we manage your records.

Under the Federal Privacy Act there are ten National Privacy Principles governing patient record management in private practices, and our Policy complies with these.

  1. Collection: As in any medical practice we must collect certain basic personal information from patients in order to help them safely and administer the practice. Almost all of this information is collected from the patients themselves but we will also receive information from others, e.g. a referring GP or other doctor. When we receive such information we will tell you this has occurred. If you are unhappy about us collecting any such information from you, let us know. We will discuss your concerns, and try to work out a compromise. However, if we cannot collect the minimum information we need to treat you, we cannot treat you.
  2. Use and Disclosure: We use the records we have on you in order to help you as best we can. In the rare event that we need to refer you to other healthcare providers or involve other doctors in your care we will seek your consent prior to communicating any information about you to other doctors, etc. There are alos certain extreme circumstances in which patient details may be communicated outside the practice without the patient’s express consent, such as a) emergency situations, b) legal requirement for overwhelming public health purposes e.g. mandatory reporting of certain communicable diseases e.g. typhoid. c) to fulfill medical indemnity insurance obligations and medical defence purposes, d) when treatments are rebatable (rare at Peach) information may be required by Medicare or private health funds. e) to credit agencies and debt collection agencies in event default on bill payment after fair warning, and f) patient involvement in unlawful activity.
  3. Data quality: Our records on you are accurate, complete and up-to-date.
  4. Data security: We store, use and transfer your records in such a manner as to protect your privacy. Files are kept for minimum seven years after your last treatment with us.
  5. Openness: We are open about the way we collect store and use your information, and are happy to discuss any aspect of our system with you.
  6. You may request access to your file with us. Upon establishing your identity (we can’t remember every face) we can go over your file with you (ordinarily in a paid consultation). In the rare event that we must restrict access to the file (perhaps for legal reasons?) we will explain why. You may request transfer of your file to another doctor. That doctor must also request your file, in writing, and a nominal fee may be applicable to cover expenses.
  7. Identifiers: Numbers that may identify you (such as Medicare numbers) are not used in this practice beyond the bare minimum required for your care (e.g.only if blood pathology or biopsy is ordered).
  8. Anonymity: You may be treated by us anonymously if you prefer, as far as this does not compromise your medical care or place an unreasonable administrative burden on the practice (you may need to use, and remember, a pseudonym)
  9. Trans-border data flows: Your privacy is protected Australia-wide by Federal law. We will seek to protect your privacy in the event we need to send information interstate or overseas.
  10. Sensitive Information: Your records are “sensitive information” for privacy legislation purposes. Therefore, we need your consent (express or implied) to collect the information we need to care for you.

Further questions?

We are obviously happy to discuss in general terms any issue you may have with the way we deal with your privacy. But if you need to take things further, contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

GO Box 5218, Sydney 2001

Phone: 1300 363 992