The E-Type Jag


When the kids were little we’d take them Australia Day into the city to wander around and soak up atmosphere.


Every Australia Day, parked along College St and Macquarie St you’ll find rows of cars and queues of gawkers checking out these classic automobiles of the decades of last century.


“I had one of those”


“We know, Dad. You told us last year”


Yes, there’s the nostalgia. Yes, they don’t make ‘em like that any more. Yes, we all remember what happened in the station wagon.


But the people *also* admire how well-kept these cars are. No grime, no rust. Clean and straight. Upholstery not sagging. Scratch-free.


We know they’ve been looked after. We know something of the character of the owner when we see bodywork like this. We know there’s health inside.


New cars tell you nothing about their owners. All new cars look good. Time hasn’t yet etched anything on the duco of a new car.


The thing is, these classic cars are clean and straight delightful to behold *but they aren’t pretending to be actually new*.


No-one tries to bodgy the lights, or mudgards, of a brand new Indian F-type Jaguar onto a classic E-Type and try to pass it off as new.


Similarly, spoilers and painted-on flames and half-tonne woofer speakers on a 1961 E-Type just don’t attract any admiration.


(well……you *might* fiddle with your Series 1 E-type to transplant some of the features of a later version like the Series 3, but that idea spoils my imagery).




If you’re a 1961 model like I am, then we at Peach want to help you be the best-looking 1961-model you can be.


No spoilers.

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