The difference between liposuction and liposculpture

Liposculpture has been classically described as being performed with syringes only whilst liposuction is described as being performed with powered suction machines.Doctors generally start out using syringes to perform liposuction. It costs less to set up this way: no expensive machines. And it is true that as one performs syringe liposuction one can see before one’s eyes exactly how much fat is coming out. It is a favourite for smaller areas such as the neck and jowls. 

Then again, syringe liposculpting produces a variable and unmeasurable level of suction. If any air enters the syringe, the suction is lost. The doctor may or may not realise that air has entered the syringe, until it is apparent that no more fat is being removed. It adds an unnecessary variable to the treatment process. The need to frequently change syringes and to frequently manually draw the syringe plunger to recreate suction makes the treatment much slower to perform, necessitating more prolonged treatment times and/or smaller treatments.


Having the constant suction effect of powered vacuum means the doctor can focus on removing the fat rather than fiddling with the syringe. With constant powered suction the amount of fat removed with each stroke of the cannula is more constant, so by planning out the stroke number and pattern the doctor can achieve a more even result with powered liposuction.


Can powered liposuction lead to excessive fat removal? Not if the doctor has correctly planned the treatment and uses cannulas no more than 4mm in diameter.

Clearly, then, there are advantages and disadvantages either way.
In our opinion the difference between a sculptor and a carpenter is found not in the tools but in the attitude, and at Peach we perform both syringe liposculpture and powered suction treatments with a view to achieving a sculptured result. We choose the best approach for a given patient.
Thus, we are liposculptors.