sun protection – two tips


End of summer, more or less, and so today the SMH puts out a quick retrospective of the summer’s top beauty products.


Correctly, there’s an early emphasis on sun protection, with awards going to products from Banana Boat and Ella Bache.


But I can’t help commenting.


First issue with protectors for daily use is that they are comfortable. Why? Otherwise you won’t use them. So, for me, I’d rather a daily sun protector that is not water resistant. Why? Water resistant sunscreens have to be a bit thick and gooey in order to stay on in the water. Thick and gooey means you hesitate a second before putting the stuff on – who wants to be gooey?


Enjoy the feel on non-water-resistant sun protection – daily


Second issue is that I am not fussed much whether the sun protection is SPF 15 or SPF 30? Because the real-life SPF effect you get depends more on how generously you apply the product and less on its advertised SPF. In fact, studies have demonstrated most people achieve only a quarter of the protection they think they are getting,because they apply their sun protection too sparingly.


So indulge yourself. Get the protector you really like having on your skin. Be generous to yourself with it.



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