Sclerotherapy or microsclerotherapy is the way to clear fine leg veins: those unsightly little purple threads on thighs and lower legs. One treatment clears 50% or more. Come in for a consultation to determine its suitability for you.


Micro-sclerotherapy is a treatment for dilated superficial veins on the legs. Despite many claims, lasers have not yet been demonstrated to be superior to sclerotherapy for this problem. I have tried lasers and I have tried sclerotherapy and I know sclerotherapy is superior.



A specifically designed liquid is injected into the dilated and prominent vessel. The liquid irritates the inner lining of the vessel, causing it to spasm. The irritated inner walls of the vessel stick together, eliminating future blood flow and causing the vessel to disappear, leaving an imperceptible fibrous thread.



We are offering superficial or cosmetic sclerotherapy suitable for superficial and fine dilated veins. Patients with deeper varicose veins will be referred to a surgeon to have these deeper problems fixed, whilst we manage the superficial vessels.



Sclerotherapy with Dr Mahony is $450 for a 45 minute session. A small rebate against this is available through Medicare