Saddlebag liposuction

Liposuction is a great way to get rid of saddlebags, and patients do very well. 

Chances are that you have worked hard to get rid of your saddlebags. You’ve dieted and have been to spin classes and tried a personal trainer, but what you will have found is that no matter what weight you acheive and what level of body fat % you get down to, your saddlebags remain. You will have found that your weight may be so low that your face looks gaunt and bust diminishes, yet the saddlebags stay put.


Saddlebags are safe and straightforward to treat. Once you are mildly sedated two or three tiny dots of local anaesthetic are administered and tiny apertures created in the skin. Through these we infuse anaesthetic to completely numb your saddlebags, and then we withdraw the fat by suction. Fat comes away quite readily from the saddlebags and the treatment proceeds smoothly and easily. It is a very safe area to treat, and in fact the biggest concern in the treatment of saddlebags is that the fat may come away too easily, the doctor remove too much fat, and the area look unnaturally slender afterwards.


If you Google saddlebag before and after photos you will find examples like this: where the doctor has removed too much fat, the patient looks too masculine in the after photo, and yet the doctor is unaware of the mistake he or she has made.


We work hard to get our saddlebag liposuction results right the first time. Our patients are happy.


So, by all means, get yourself to your best weight, but then sort ouut the persisting saddlebags with liposuction.


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