Red Skin


Red this or red that: if a bit of red is the issue, a bit of Peach might be the answerYes that sounds like a pretty generic title, but we want to cover a few different problems here. Some people, particularly those from Scotland and genetically similar places, tend to have ruddy complexions to the point of embarrassment. The redness may come and go, or it may persist. It may worsen with alcohol, spicy foods, or spicy talk.

If you have a ruddiness of facial complexion you will find a course of IPL treatments very helpful. Ultimately your ruddiness is caused by there being a relative oversupply of fine blood vessels under your skin, and IPL treatments shine a bright light onto the skin in order to illuminate and thereby heat the red blood cells in the red blood vessels. This in turn causes the blood vessels to shrink, thus reducing the appearance of redness.

Some have redness due to having rosacea. This is a skin condition that commonly manifests with red acne-like lumps and/or red skin and/or telangiectasia or broken capillaries. The red skin and the fine broken capillaries respond to IPL treatments, the acne-like lumps respond to a topical antibiotic cream on prescription, and the larger individual telangiectasias respond to Iriderm 532nm laser treatments. Rosacea is not minor, and deserves full treatment tailored to your individual manifestations.

Some have redness due to “Poikiloderma of Civatte”. Poikiloderma describes the large red patches commonly found on the necks and décolletages of people of Scottish and Irish descent who have worked in the sun whilst wearing shirts. In fact, poikiloderma is behind the American term “redneck”, used first to describe poor and uneducated labourers who had emigrated from Ireland and northern Great Britain in the 19th century to work the farms of the USA. Poikiloderma responds well to IPL treatments, with a reduction in redness and an improved blending of the treated area with the surrounding, more normal skin. Some have redness due to blushing, but we address that at another spot in this website.

Regardless of the site, everyone with red skin should be on a skin care regime to feed extra antioxidants into the skin, improve sun protection, reverse ageing processes and reduce inflammation.

A red nose can be due to these causes, or due to accumulated sun damage, or due to rhinophyma, or to sebaceous hyperplasia, or other causes. It needs specific assessment.

Red cheeks and chin are usually due to telangiectasia. Have a look at the “Broken capillaries” section of the website for a description.

Redness can occur anywhere. Come in for a consultation to assess further.