We use real crystals and real suction for real results with our top-of-the-range Diamond Duo-Medic microdermabrasion unit. This “gym for your skin” exfoliates surface dead skin cells, suction cleans pores, smooths textural irregularities, and stimulates neocollagenesis in the dermis for stronger firmer skin. Great results with acne scars, active acne, fine lines, pores, rough skin.


Microdermabrasion is the most modern, safe and precise way to achieve the most fundamental of facial skin treatments: exfoliation.


Simple. The Microdermabrasion process involves the simultaneous application of a vacuum to the skin to help clear surface debris, sebum plugs from skin pores, and superficial dead skin cells, whilst promoting blood flow deeper in the dermis, and the application of powered jet spray of fine crystals to further abrade away superficial dead skin cells to smooth out skin surface irregularities.

Your skin’s response is to increase cellular activity and thicken collagen layers, which thus fill in scars and fine wrinkles. Just as pumping iron at the gym improves muscle tone and volume, so microdermabrasion stimulates your skin’s tone and volume, leaving it appearing fresher and smoother.


Safe. Being, in essence, a vacuum and sanding process, microdermabrasion is as safe as a medical cosmetic treatment can be. Allergies are practically impossible, and overtreatment is extremely unlikely as the microdermabrasion therapists can readily see from moment to moment the exact depth that is being achieved. The microdermabrasioin approach is to gently bring about incremental change over a series of treatments, strengthening the skin without damaging it, eliminating risk of significant unwanted side effects.


Your skin will feel smooth and freshened straight after the treatment. There may be some pinkness for a day or so, as though you have been out sailing. A couple of days later you may get a light peel as old skin cells are shed; moisturiser is all you will need to eliminate this appearance.


Who will benefit?


Young people with acne appreciate microdermabrasion’s capacity to remove he dead cell layer build-up on their skin.

Patients past their acne days also like to see their skin freshen with microdermabrasion. Patients utilising skin peels find microdermabrasion can work in concert with this strategy, and microdermabrasion is an indispensible part of the photodynamic therapy process.


You may book a medical consultation to find out whether microdermabrasion can help with your skin, or simply make a 30-minute appointment for your first treatment.