Liposuction overseas

Liposuction need not be expensive.


Liposuction expenses can be greatly reduced by having it performed under local anaesthesia rather than under general anaesthesia. This means that it is not necessary to have an anesthetist present during the procedure, and hospital care is likewise not required. So you save.


If you want cheap liposuction, be prepared to meet your liposuction doctor half way by losing as much excess general body fat as you can, by diet and exercise, so you will be as healthy as possible for the procedure (and forever!) and so that your doctor can focus only on the genuinely disproportionate excesses of fatty tissue.


Some patients are tempted to look overseas for cheap liposuction. This is a mistake. Operators putting together a package for you to have liposuction overseas in five star luxury for a low price obviously need to cut their costs wherever they can in order to create a viable business for themselves.


Obviously they do not have the commercial leverage to bargain down airfares or, to much extent, accommodation. Besides, they need the accommodation to impress the patient.


No, the only link in the chain against whom they can successfully bargain is: the surgeon.


And how are you, really, going to know the surgeon is good?


And how will you, practically, get the result improved later if it isn’t what you reasonably expected?


There is, of course, a limit to the amount of liposuction that can be performed under local anaesthesia. Cases that you see on this website were all performed under local anaesthesia, with quite often impressive results, but you will not see here cases of massive liposuction.


Quite aside from the very obvious health benefits of reducing excess fat by diet and exercise, those with extra weight in general also seeking liposuction from particular problem areas should know that liposuction gives better results when performed on patients who are at their best weight at the time of the procedure. More can be done under local anaesthetic, and so the treatment works out cheaper