God and courage


At some point, behind a toilet door or hanging in a kitchen, you would have seen a poster with the following prayer:


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.


It’s called “The Serenity Prayer” and has become associated with Alcoholics Anonymous but has of course a wider application.


Here at Peach we generally don’t do ‘serenity’, so I’d rather call it “The Courage Prayer”, and I hope that version catches on.


Because there is so much we can change.




It takes certain amount of courage to look at yourself and think “there’s something I want to change about myself”. It takes courage to walk into a place like Peach and tell us about what you want to change. Cosmetic medical treatments are vastly more commonplace today than a few years ago, but, even so, not everyone embraces the field and so there’s a certain courage to speaking up for a treatment. And then there’s a certain courage to actually proceeding: what if something goes wrong?


It’s our job at Peach to deal with you with wisdom. At times we wax courage in order to bring you the changes we know you’ll appreciate, when the risks are low to negligible and the benefits well established. At other times we preach serenity – especially when our early successes have gone to someone’s head, so to speak.


Our job is to navigate you through the field of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic medicine. Our knowledge gives us courage that we are keen to share, and our experience has brought the wisdom to know when to take the more serene route.

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