Face lift (surgical): jawline and neck

There’s a lot we can do to keep the upper half of the face looking good without surgery. “Muscle-relaxing injections”, fillers, peels and lasers number among many approaches successfully used.Under the jawline, though, options are more limited. Nice improvements occur with IPL and ReFirme treatments, for example, but in some cases the situation demands a more definitive approach: Surgery.

Of course, if surgery was the answer to everything cosmetic, Peach Cosmetic Medicine wouldn’t exist. Many patients fear that surgery will give them an unnatural result that they won’t ever be able to undo. And it is true that after excisional surgery there’s no going back.That is why we take the most minimalist approach to performing an excisional lift.WHAT WE DO

After preparation and a small amount of sedation to keep you comfortable, the incision starts in front of the earlobe, then winds back behind the ear and along the hairline behind the ear.

(So, aside from a centimetre or so in front of your earlobe, there’s no other scar in front of your ear and no scar in the hairline of your temple. These would be the scars that currently mark the more common “S-lift” or extensive face lift.
We avoid making these scars)

We then identify a sheet of strong connective tissue in the face called the SMAS. This is lifted and re-stitched, and in doing so the skin along the jawline and the skin of the neck is lifted too and made firmer smoother and tighter.

Excess skin is then removed, the incision line is sutured, and the procedure is complete!

Results can be even better when this operation is combined wit other procedures such as fat transfer, mesotherapy, thread lifts, laser and other skin treatments, brow lift, eyelid surgery, and so on….each treatment acting in concert to comprehensively address every aspect of your face we want to improve.

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