Excessively sweaty soles/feet


Sweaty soles/feet respond to Agent B!

Agent B and Agent D famously reduce muscle action to bring about a smoothing of skin, but they also act on sweat glands to reduce sweat activity. Agent B stops nerve impulses from telling the sweat gland to sweat, so sweating doesn’t occur.

The commonest sweaty complaint is of excessive sweating under the arms, but  soles/feet can also be treated.

The injections have to be spread over the sole of the foot. We typically inject 50 Agent B units or 190 Agent D units into each sole per treatment, and the effect may last 6-9 months. Spring is a good time to get it done.

When we treat the soles, multiple injections are required. Such a treatment into the soles would be ordinarily uncomfortable, so we use local anaesthetic to apply a nerve block at the ankle prior to treatment. The soles are then made numb for several hours. You may not be able to work the rest of that day, nor should you attempt to drive home.