e-Derma Stamping

You want effective facial skin firming. More collagen. Stronger dermis. Fewer lines


You can afford hardly any downtime.


You want it safe as possible, with little to no risk of complications


You want e-Derma Stamp treatment.


This is the most powerful facial skin treatment you can get that is still safe and with almost no downtime.


Ablative laser treatments (which we offer with our Erbium laser, straight or fractionated, as in “Fraxel”) can certainly bring about more firming, but with much more significant downtime. Certain patients can also experience unwanted pigment changes with ablative laser treatments.


We don’t see these problems with e-Derma Stamping.


We just see better skin.


How does it work?


As with dermarolling, the principle is the application of tiny tiny needle pricks (under topical anaesthesia!), in their thousands, to the dermis. Each one creates a tiny tiny perforation, which heals with a dot of collagen; and, if we are performing 36,ooo perforations every minute, they all add up!


Six needles per applicator, each creating a hundred perforations per second.


About a million perforations per half hour!


Vastly more than we can offer with dermarolling. More perforations means more more stimulus of more collagen. More toning. More improvement.


(YouTube clip. Not our clinic, but same treatment)




Two to four days of redness. Only. Easily covered with makeup. (An occasional bruise is possible).


How many treatments?


Typically three treatments, each 6 weeks apart.


A maintenance treatment every year thereafter is a good idea (after all, time keeps passing).




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Yes we can do the eye area

Yes it is great for scars!)