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Threads are back

At one time or another, everyone over 40 (and some under 40) will have faced the mirror, pushed up their cheeks, and thought “hmmm, that looks better”.   Who hasn’t done that?   All the while wishing we could keep … Continue reading

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February > Forever

With the pre-Christmas rush over, the parties a blurry recollection, holidays gone, all back at work and school, we all feel, a little, some end-of-summer pause. ….. Think back, close eyes. It’s November. It’s sunny. You have shopping to do. … Continue reading

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e-Derma Stamping

You want effective facial skin firming. More collagen. Stronger dermis. Fewer lines   You can afford hardly any downtime.   You want it safe as possible, with little to no risk of complications   You want e-Derma Stamp treatment.   … Continue reading

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