Darren’s six-pack should still be in the Esky


The Sydney Morning Herald reported today on the odd appearance of the abdomen of paparazzo Darren Lyons




Darren appears to have had so-called “hi-def” vaser liposculpture.


Some people have subcutaneous abdominal fat that persists despite demanding exercise regimes and frugal diets. They may have little intra-abdominal  fat and little subcutaneous fat elsewhere, and ample actual musculature, but a little belly pouch robbing them of the appearance they would otherwise deserve. In such an instance liposculpture delivers a welcome and very plausible result.


Doesn’t have to be vaser, BTW. We can produce the same effect here with fine liposuction cannulae, but, either way, extra insertion points are required resulting in extra scars.


Others, like Darren, haven’t done the hard yards and have way too much intra-abdominal fat for this technique to give anything remotely plausible as an outcome. He was badly advised.


Regular liposculpture *without* scoring the tendinous insertions of rectus abdominus would have given a plausible result, but Darren’s surgeon manifestly upsold him to go for the sixpack effect. Like Icarus, he tried to fly that little bit too high – and the feathers fell off. D’oh.


If he wanted, he could get fat transfer performed to re-fill in these now-publicly-ridiculed lines on his belly. At more expense, but he’ll manage.

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