Cellulite exists, and up to 85% of women manifest it.But to explain it, here is a photo of a Chesterfield lounge:


A Chesterfield Lounge helps us understand cellulite.

You’ll note that on a Chesterfield lounge there are areas that are full and overstuffed with stuffing.

You will also note that there are buttons holding in the upholstery.

Question: if you wanted the sitting surface of the Chesterfield lounge smooth, what would you do?

You would either 1) remove the excessive stuffing, 2) cut away the buttons, or 3) both.

Cellulite is an area of skin overstuffed with fat in some areas, and dimpled in my collagen fibres in between the stuffed fat. Just like a Chesterfield lounge.

Treatment involves either 1) removing excess fat, or 2) cutting/releasing the buttons/collagen fibres, or 3) both.

The fat cells we have under our skin are located in chambers which are separated by connective tissue septae. The septae are anchored rigid fibres that do not stretch with skin if the volume within the walls of the chamber increases (as occurs if we put on weight).

So when the fat chambers become distended by enlarged fat cells and by retained intercellular fluids, expansion occurs beyond the length of the vertical septae, pushing up the skin surface and resulting in a dimpled skin appearance.

Strategies to improve cellulite can therefore include:

Liposuction to remove excess fat.

Lipodissolve to remove smaller or more subtle degrees of excess fat.

Velasmooth to stretch collagen fibres (buttons) causing the appearance of dimpling.

Subcision to break collagen fibres causing severe dimpling

Show us your cellulite. We can help.