Agent B


(The TGA does not allow doctors to advertise or even mention this product by name on a website.) 

“Agent B”


You can barely open a popular magazine today without finding some article about “Agent B”. Which movie star has it. Which needs it. Who is having too much.


Over 40 with smooth skin? They must be using Agent B. An odd expression, or indeed lack of expression? Proof of the effects of Agent B.


Well, here at Peach we do about a dozen Agent B treatments every day. Add it up: that’s a lot of experience over 10 years.


Anyone can tell you the basics of Agent B use. Googling it today (14/11/09) gives 7,410,000 hits, and a fair slice of these will be clinics breathlessly inviting you to come into the parlour of everlasting youth with Agent B.


So here are a few things you might not know.


1) Agent B relaxes muscles, relaxes muscles, relaxes muscles. IT HAS NO DIRECT ACTION ON SKIN.

muscle treatment


Let’s say we treat your frown lines: the vertical lines between your eyebrows. What happens is that in around 3 days, typically, after a treatment the injected muscle stops working, and you will find you can barely frown any more. You will look less angry. You will look content, non-plussed, calm and amicable. But your wrinkles will not be gone.


Skin structure can’t change in only three days. The epidermis, for starters, renews itself every 30 days on average. So clearly any epidermal problem takes 30 days to wash through even if immediately corrected 100%.


The structure of a wrinkle, however, is in the dermis, just under the epidermis, and the dermis is mostly collagen. Collagen takes months to be renewed.


So, Agent B keeps your skin still, and whilst your skin is being kept still it slowly changes itself from wrinkled to flat.


2) Agent B is the most expensive commercially-produced substance on the planet


If you have a 10-unit treatment of Agent B at Peach you will pay $195.


This is a good price. Not the absolute cheapest you will find, but at the cheaper end of the spectrum, and most people aren’t silly enough to entrust their face to a doctor or nurse who can do no more than offer a bargain-basement absolute lowest price in order to find patients.


Now, that 10 units represents just 0.43 nanograms of pure Agent B.


A nanogram is a billionth of a gram


So if you are paying $195 for 0.43ng, that’s equivalent to $453 per nanogram, or $453,000,000,000 per gram.


Today, gold is $38.54 per gram.


Agent B is 11billion times more expensive than gold.


3) Totally freezing your face with Agent B is unnecessary if your goal is to reduce lines.


Whilst the exact outcome of Agent B treatment cannot be perfectly guaranteed each time, I like to reduce movement at a treatment area with Agent B by around 80-90% rather than 100%.




Well, it’s a more natural look, for starters.


There’s less chance of a side effect.


It’s less expensive.


If it is not enough, I can always put in more, but if I put in too much, I can’t take it out.


Results are better if we put in smaller doses more often rather than larger doses less often (assuming the same total dose per year)


But finally, it is not only the extent of your movement that causes lines, but also the frequency of movement.  And when Agent B reduces your full range of movement, under maximum conscious effort, by 90%, it also reduces frequency of movement by 90% because all your half-hearted, distracted, subconscious movements simply no longer occur at all.


So if reducing the range of movement by 90% means that we also reduce the frequency of movement by 90%, then we have reduced the total amount of movement in any given day by 99%.


And that’s enough.


Our fees for Agent B


10 units $195


20 units $345


30 units $470


40 units $590


And $10 per unit thereafter in the one treatment session. (therefore, e.g. 100 units $1190)