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Peach Cosmetic Medicine – your home for cosmetic surgery Sydney, liposculpture Sydney and cosmetic medicine in Sydney.




Your successful outcome is delivered through our intelligent, deft and effective application of the best treatments current cosmetic medical science offers, just as the people of Paddington expect.



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We love what we do, because you thank us for the care you receive and the results you see.


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We solve problems. So whether its some minor flaw that’s always bugged you, or whether its just time you did something for yourself, either way it’s about treating yourself as well as you treat everyone else.


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More power, more effective, better results

And why Peach?


Because we’re good at what we do!  And it’s a traditional medical practice where our first tasks are to thoroughly listen, then advise, and then guide. We’ll treat you and navigate you through the complexities of cosmetic surgery and we’ll always be your advocate.


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Our goal is for you to be able to say, six months and six years after your liposuction or eyelid surgery or any other treatment we offer,  “At Peach they looked after me”.


Primum non nocere.


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