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“I’m not into this cosmetic stuff…”


Every so often a patient will come in with her husband, and pretty soon after sitting in my office the husband will start to distance himself from the conversation developing before him.


“If she likes it I don’t mind but its not for me.”


“I don’t care about looks. It’s what’s inside that counts”




Of course he is absolutely right that what is inside counts.




We soon find out this same guy


  • Mows his lawn every week
  • Washes his car
  • Paints the kitchen at the first sign of peeling
  • Polishes his shoes
  • Wouldn’t dream of wearing a stained tie to work
  • Formats his correspondence ‘just so’
  • Shaves, and wears a nice watch


and of course studiously ignores the veritable *garden* of dysaesthetic skin pathology growing on his face.

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