Threads are back

At one time or another, everyone over 40 (and some under 40) will have faced the mirror, pushed up their cheeks, and thought “hmmm, that looks better”.


Who hasn’t done that?


All the while wishing we could keep our cheeks up just like that.


In the 1990s APTOS threads were introduced to keep our cheeks up just like that but without surgery. And whilst some patients were happy with the APTOS results, fact is many were not.


I tried APTOS threads in 2005, and I tried Contour threads in 2006. Patients were often happy, but I was often not, and because I need to deliver great results I did not continue them.


But now we have Silhouette threads. Stronger and  with a better gripping technology, Silhouettes offer longer-lasting results.


Being relatively straightforward for experienced cosmetic surgeons to use, a pair of Silhouette threads can be inserted for less that the price of two syringes of filler.


Which means these threads open a new category of treatment: the “cheek tweak”.


More subtle and natural that surgery, and cheap enough to be repeated in future as required.


Come in for a consultation and we can go over the details




Dr John Mahony

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