The half-truth of cosmetic medicine



Fact is, I can’t actually make you younger.


Shock. Amongst our list of services, we don’t offer time travel.


So what we are doing here is using medical and surgical strategies to help you *look* younger, and *look* better. It’s a kind of subterfuge.


A lie


Now, anyone who knows anything about delivering a lie knows that the most effective lies contain half-truths, with attention to detail.


Propagandists, political parties and other polemicists will deliver their messages loaded with many truths: truths of principle and truths of fact. Then, somewhere in the mix, there will be an inconspicuous fib, barely noticeable, that nonetheless profoundly alters the significance of all the truths in the message, in order to bring about the desired conclusion.


We at Peach want you to look genuinely younger and better. To do this requires above all that our results are plausible. That will mean using multiple strategies to diminish each sign of ageing without pushing any one treatment to the point of implasibility. Diminish movement without freezing. Replenish volume without over-filling. Lessen lines within realistic realms. Shave back unwanted fat without creating emptiness.


We want your face to tell many little half-truths about your age.


This is the true art of cosmetic medicine.


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