The End of Retail (or Why Toxin Tweaks Trump Haute Couture)


“What a LOVELY dress! Where did you get it?”

“You look stunning in that gown.”

After spending three or four (or more?) figures on some sartorial wizardry, these are the compliments one attracts. That’s the point: whether conceived as “making a statement”, “expressing individuality/creativity”, “dressing for me” or just looking great, we all dress to impress in one way or another.

And we make an impression, one way or another, every time.

But one can argue we now have a better way of making that impression, and cosmetic medical treatments are better value than fashion purchases

1) You can’t wear that new dress day in day out, but cosmetic treatments work 24/7

Buy a ball gown if you want, but how many times are you really going to wear it? Twice? Ten times? Wear it five times and you’ll hear “I’ve always liked that dress on you, it’s so timeless and classic.” hmmmm.

Spend $1000 on a dress, wear it five times at 4 hours per function and you’re spending $50 per hour to be in that dress.

Spend $1000 on a cosmetic treatment and even if it lasts only 3 months you are spending 1000/(91×24)= only 46 cents per hour for the effect.

2) Clothes promote themselves. Treatments promote you.

Look again at the opening quotes, and note that these compliments are aimed more at the clothes themselves rather than the wearer. Clothing can’t make you look inherently better. Clothes can’t really make you look younger or healthier. They may manifest your taste or your pecuniary capacity, but not your physical self.
The entire point of cosmetic medical treatments is to make you look better and, well done, in a natural and undetectable manner.

3) Clothes are obvious. Good treatments impress subliminally

Hate to be the one to break the news, but wearing a leather jacket doesn’t really convince anyone you are actually a Hell’s Angel.

Carrying Louis Vuitton? Well, maybe you can truly and easily afford that handbag, and maybe you “saved up” for it. The anonymous observer assumes the latter on probability grounds.

But a face youthful in form clad in vitamin-enriched healthy skin positively impresses the observer without the observer realising it. There’s something about it … can’t quite put your finger on it but something’s different – have you been on a holiday?

4) Treatments can make you look better naked.

Clothing can’t.

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