Spray tan


The only safe tan is a spray tan, and Sun FX is the leading natural-looking spray tan.



The issue of tanning puts a cosmetic physician in a quandry.
A tan represents an attempt by your skin to protect itself from damaging UV irradiation, but is fairly inefficient and allows skin damage to continue ocurring if sun exposure continues. So, fair-skinned people who develop a tan get a lot more sun damage and skin cancers than those who sun protect.


We want you looking good now and forever. So we can’t advise people to tan, and we clearly can’t encourage tanning.


Still, the aesthetic reality here today is that a tan is associated with outdoor leisure activity, with sports and relaxation and an otherwise healthy lifestyle. That’s why we think it looks good.


So what are the options?
No doctor believes solariums are perfectly safe, and so for those who want to look tanned the only safe option is a spray tan.


We use the Sun FX system. This advanced spray tan system reliably gives and even natural tan. Our therapists are highly trained and experienced with the sstem and, as often as not in summer, use the system themselves for you to see the result.



Spray tans are easy to have, safe and fun. Give one a go.