Spider veins on chest and abdomen

Here we can discuss a number of spider-vein-type problems that might appear on your chest and abdomen.
Spider nevi on the upper half of the chest often arise in women who are pregnant, in persons with liver conditions, and in those who drink too much alcohol. These things really do look like little red spiders, with a central red body and several little red legs spreading from the central body.
We can kill these off one-at-a-time with our Iriderm laser. Results are instant and in most cases permanent. Bring ‘em in: we can fix ‘em. Done.
Telangiectasia on the upper chest are usually due to sun damage in persons prone to such damage, such as Celts. These look like little red threads, either scattered or in networks, without a spider-like morphology.
Like spider nevi, they respond to the Iriderm laser
Subcostal telangiectasia – broken capillaries under the ribs: Many fair-skinned patients, usually men, without sun damage and with no history suggestive or spider nevi, present with somewhat unsightly telangiectasia under the ribcage at the front.
These are a little deeper and a little wider that the “legs” of spider nevi, tending to be somewhat bluish.
Nonetheless, they respond to the Iriderm laser, and patients are grateful because they had no idea they could be treated at all.
Campbell de Morgan spots on the chest and abdomen little red dots from one to three millimetres in diameter. They are raised and bright red, like a fresh strawberry-coloured blister. They are often also called cherry hemangiomata.
The Iriderm laser fixes these as well, one at a time.
Other veins on the abdomen, if they are bluer and darker, may have other significances and may require further investigation.
Ask Dr Mahony in consultation or see your GP first.