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With the pre-Christmas rush over, the parties a blurry recollection, holidays gone, all back at work and school, we all feel, a little, some end-of-summer pause.


Think back, close eyes. It’s November. It’s sunny. You have shopping to do. You have end-of-year functions to attend. Holidays coming up. Beaches that need to be laid upon. Swimsuits to fit into. Relatives and old friends to catch up with.


And wouldn’t you love to look great for all that?


But you can’t fit in any treatments before Xmas. You can’t afford any bruising in November. You’re too dizzy with dates and dinners for any downtime in December. Nope – this summer you’re just going to have to wing it all au naturale: because you won’t have any opportunity to recover from a treatment until…..February.


SO: here we are.


NOW is the time to get things done, in time for next summer.


Or will next summer be just like the last

and the last

and the last?


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