Microdermabrasion has been one of our most popular treatments for ten years. Safe, easy, effective and with virtually no downtime, it represents a risk-free way of achieving a better appearance for most skin types.

It can be, however, a little drying for some.




Like Microdermabrasion SydneyMicrohydrabrasion Sydney is a vacuuming system that also exfoliates surface dead cells with fine crystals that are, in this case, adherent to the treatment wand. In addition, jets of filtered water are used to achieve deep cleansing, helping to loosen pore plugs and wash away soluble debris whilst adding hydration to your skin.(supplier website)


Soothing, smoothing, refreshing skin results. Depending on your skin skin condition you may be treated every week as a corrective strategy or every month as maintenance. Regular exfoliation is like gym for your skin: speeds up cell renewal and keeps the skin looking fresh and healthy.


And, moisturised exfoliated skin is more receptive to nutrient treatments. So microhydrabrasion can be combined with one of our nutrient masks (vitamin B5 for more hydration, or our coffee berry mask for pigmentation) or combined with a vitamin infusion, accelerated with ultrasonophoresis, to maximise penetration of the vitamins into the dermis. Microhydrabrasion also combines well with our Omnilux red light therapy, itself healing and itself collagen stimulating.



A basic microhydrabrasion treatment, lasting 30 minutes, is $145.


Or we can combine this with a mask treatment for $182, or with a ultrasonophoretic vitamin infusion for $245.


Top-line treat is microhydrabrasion + vitamin ultrasonopheresis infusion + Omnilux: 90 minutes of therapy for $305.


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