Lactic acid peel with Omnilux

This autumn we have a special offer on our new Lactic Acid Peels


Lactic acid peels are well established in cosmetic medicine.


Lactic acid itself is derived from milk and is member of the alpha-hydroxyacid group of compounds widely used to cleanse and exfoliate the outer epidermis and add hydration to the deeper epidermis. Repeated application can bring about positive dermal changes as well.

Regular exfoliation can be achieved with lactic acid, helping the skin look smoother, firmer and fresher.

Another established approach to fresher skin with no downtime is the application of infrared light, particularly of the 633nm wavelength. This is Omnilux. This pleasant glowing light therapy again promotes collagen formation and hastens healing following other facial treatments such as: lactic acid peels.


That’s why we are putting the two together for autumn ’12.


  • The usual price for our 50% Lactic acid peel is $110 each. That’s three for $330.
  • The usual price for our Omnilux treatment is $89 each when taken as a stand-alone treatment. We already discount the Omnilux down to $60 when combining it with something else such as one of our other peels.
  • So if we combined six Omnilux treatments with these three peels you’d pay $360 for the 6 Omnilux treatments on top of the $330 for the 3 Lactic acid peels. Total $690


But just for this Autumn we’ll do the lot for just $490 if you prepay all as a package.


That’s a further saving of $200


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See you then