IPL Photo-Rejuvenation – less sun pigment, smoother texture

If you use or are tempted to use foundation to cover any facial blemish, brown spots or broken capillaries, chances are we can clear your skin and free you from needing foundation


From all over Australia patients come for our IPL treatments to facial broken capillaries, sunspots, freckles, veins, and for skin tightening, pore reduction and wrinkle reduction. Dr John Mahony and the team performs these treatments with our fast new IPL.

Broken capillaries & dilated veins respond even faster to our Iriderm KTP 532nm laser. One or two treatments clears over 90% of these facial vessels. Get them fixed: problem solved.

Healthy young skin is smooth in texture, firm in tone, free of unwanted pigmentation and devoid of broken capillaries. No gaping pores, no lines and no assorted blotches. Just a blank canvas, a silky stage, upon which your eyes and mouth dance your expressivity to the world. If this isn’t the case for your facial skin, perh IPL Photorejuvenation is for you.

Photorejuvenation is the surest and safest way to efficiently clear unwanted freckles and age spots and other sun-related pigmentation. We can rapidly reduce broken capillaries and spider veins, usually in the first treatment. You get tightening and firming of your skin, refinement of your pores, even reduction in fine lines.

Who should consider  IPL Photorejuvenation?

1)    Anyone with unwanted brown spots on their skin should enquire about IPL treatment.

2)    Anyone with broken capillaries, like little red threads, on their cheeks or nose or chin or forehead, or indeed on the chest or even abdomen, should likewise come along and get assessed.
These two indications are so clear, and the treatments so effective, that the time will come when it will be considered self-neglectful to not treat such blemishes.

3)    Anyone with mild to moderate skin laxity or with fine lines should ask us about IPL. Those with more marked laxity need a thread-lift or surgery, but lesser degrees improve with IPL. These are the outstanding effects of this treatment, but IPL can also help refine pores and can even help with acne in certain circumstances.


How does it work?

Imagine a summer’s day. You’re at the beach. It’s hot. You’re barefooted. You decide to cross the road to buy an ice-cream (For the kids, of course). You walk over the pedestrian crossing…The black asphalt is too too hot!  The white stripes are not a problem.

Dark structures absorb white light, converting it to heat. White structures reflect away the light, or at least do not absorb it, and so do not heat up to the same extent.

By this same principle IPL treatments heat up your pigmented cells, leading them to be ultimately shed, whilst sparing the rest of your skin. That’s why visible-light laser and IPL treatments are uniquely effective at treating pigmented skin spots: only these target specifically the pigment alone, leading to better effect with less side-effect.

Red blood vessels are treated by including green and yellow light in the IPL treatments. Red blood cells absorb this light, and in doing so treat their blood vessels. That’s why broken capillaries can be treated without damaging your skin.

Meanwhile, some of the longer wavelengths in the IPL light penetrate deeply to stimulate fibroblasts to lay out extra collagen, leading to a tightening of the skin, refinement of pores, and a reduction of fine lines.

All this in one treatment, and you can understand why the Quantum researchers and discoverers of IPL dubbed the whole process Photorejuvenation.

What are the side effects?

These are few and minor. There may be some sting at the time of the treatment: this we can control with topical anaesthetic cream such as EMLA, but we find most patients don’t need or want it. As a medical practice, we can and do offer nitrous oxide gas (“happy gas”) to those particularly sensitive patients who require it.

Pigmented spots will darken at first, and will remain dark for a few days before being shed from the skin surface. These are easily covered with foundation, so there need be no “down-time” with these treatments.

It’s important to have your eyes protected during the treatment. Any other side effects are too rare to be mentioned here, and can be discussed in consultation. 


Why should we try Peach?

You can get outstanding results with IPL; when the treatment is expertly done with the best equipment.

At Peach all photorejuvenation treatments are performed or supervised by our cosmetic physician Dr John Mahony MBBS FFMACCS. With his recognised expertise with IPL, you know you are in experienced and safe hands. These days, many IPL treatments are performed in beauty salons by “technicians”, some of whom lack any health or beauty qualification whatsoever. Check the qualifications of those advising you and treating you, and know that FFMACCS is the only academic qualification available in Australia denoting a medical practitioner trained and specialised as a cosmetic physician.

What about fees and prices?

Treatment fees start at just $110, (we treat more than just a spot)

Half face treatments are $240, (forehead and upper cheeks)

Full face treatments – $390

Hands – $240

We quote on other areas at the time of your consultation.

How many treatments are needed?

Most of the research is based on a treatment regime totalling five treatments, each about four weeks apart. And undoubtedly a course of five treatments will give you a better final result than a shorter course.

However, most patients get noticeable improvement after even a single treatment, with which they are delighted. Each treatment brings substantial improvement, so it is certainly not necessary to have a course of five before you see results.

Each patient is unique and with specific requirements, but on average our patients have three or four treatments. In other words, we seem to get better results with fewer treatments than most places.   Why might this be?  Well, during each treatment session we actually apply the IPL treatment not once but twice. By applying two “passes” we get a very even result, a stronger response, and it allows us to review the energy level between passes, raising it if we can, lowering it if we should, to give you the best outcome for each treatment session. In essence you get two treatments for the price of one.

Furthermore, by knowing our IPL machine intimately and by diagnosing your skin accurately we can come to the ideal treatment parameters for you more rapidly. Thus we can get better results sooner.

Is IPL the only light-based treatment you have for photorejuvenation? No. Great though our IPL is, we find we get even faster results treating individual broken capillaries with our Iriderm KTP 532nm laser. This laser emits a very narrow beam of green light, just 0.7mm in diameter, which is ideal for tracing individual broken capillaries on the face. With this laser we can get an 80% reduction in these broken capillaries in a single treatment! And, with the laser focused solely on the vessels themselves, there is virtually no risk of side effects in the surrounding skin.

How can I get the very best results?

In your consultation we will discuss a comprehensive skin management plan. Typically, though, by employing a range of treatment modalities we get a better result than by any single treatment alone. For example, anyone getting IPL facial treatments should be on great cosmeceutical skin care and should be taking a great diet preferably enhanced with appropriate antioxidant supplementation. Even better results can be achieved by combining IPL with dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections.
We strive to get you the best, most natural results possible without surgery.

What now?


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