GPCE suturing and sterilisation

For my GPCE Conference presentation on suturing (including practice nurse and sterilisation issues) I have posted the following links on this my practice website.

First is the NSW Medical Practice Act 1992 (click here) as amended. The Medical Practice Act expresses itself on the topic of infection control via NSW Medical Regulation 2008 (click here)

For the Australian Standard document pertaining to the sterilisation of equipment in a office-based setting, click here. This takes you a webpage via which the Standard can be ordered. You can read the abstract or browse through the contents list, but I found no way to get the document for free.

For the Federal Gov Dept of Health and Ageing 2004 document ”Infection Control Guidelines for the Prevention of Transmission of Diseases in the Health Care Setting” click here.

or here, if it works

Click Here for “Guideline for the Prevention of Surgical Site Infection 1999″ This is a landmark US Fed Gov CDC paper

Click here for the 2004 paper ”Antimicrobial Prophylaxis for Surgery: An Advisory Statement from the National Surgical Infection Prevention Project”


And click here for a copy of my Powerpoint


But wait there’s more..

last 100 years of sepsis pdf

A nice synopsis from the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2006 bringing us all up to date on generalised sepsis.

corticosteroids in intensive care 2007

relatively up-to-date synopsis of steroid support for those in shock, etc.

cephalothin pharmacokinetics 1979

An old paper, true, but it documents how briefly our IV pushes of Keflin actually maintain efficacious blood levels.

skull base surgery without shaving

This paper describes a method of preparing the scalp, without shaving or cutting hair at all, prior to brain surgery.

2005 Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of soft tissue infections

35 pages and 236 references. Not a bad update

2007 Current approaches for the prevention of surgical site infections

Only 11 pages. Published in 2007 but not much of an advance on the other papers referred to above

2004 the Safety of Office-Based Procedures, Archives of Dermatology

Only 4 pages. A quick summary of the literature pertaining to the safety of office-based procedures, concluding that they are, indeed, safe