IPL photo-rejuvenation is highly effective for the removal of freckles.


Freckles on the face and neck respond well tIPL treatment, especially if they are dark and flat (as true freckles are).


Freckles near the eyes cannot be treated with the IPL as the light source is too large: these we treat one by one with the 532nm Iriderm KTP laser.


Freckles on the upper back are often not true freckles, but lentigos. Lentigos are harder to clear with IPL as they involve increased melanocyte numbers are are more deeply placed. A test patch checks the response prior to treatment.


Freckles on the arms tend to respond well. Freckles on the abdomen and legs are not quite as common, and are more likely to be something other than true freckles. A test patch at your initial consultation is recommended. True freckles will respond well to IPL, but full recovery of skin on the lower legs is slower than elsewhere. The commonest problem in treating the lower legs is that the skin is easy to over-treat because it is quite thin, often with little subcutaneous fat. Over-treatment can give rise to further pigment problems – this varies from patient to patient and individual assessment is important. Some pigmented spots ought not to be treated with laser or IPL – they can sometimes be confused with freckles.


An accurate diagnosis is required; consult Dr Mahony.