Deep Folds

From simple filling with gel, through collagen induction, through thread lifting to simple face lift procedures, we can advise and treat your deep folds.Young skin stays firmbut skin tension is lost with time and as skin ages it starts to sag (often along with the underlying fat). But sagging affects different parts of the skin differently, according to the strength of underlying connections to deeper tissue.For example, the skin over the upper lip doesn’t sag much, because it is closely attached to the orbicularis oris muscle that lies between your mouth and your nose.

Next to it on either side, though, lies cheek skin that has loose fat underneath it and is poorly attached to underlying structures. This cheek skin and fat tends to sink downwards with time, and as this skin sinks it tends to ride a little over the outer border of the skin of the upper lip.

Which is why, with age, we develop a deep fold running from the edge of each nostril to each corner of the mouth.


These are called nasolabial folds.


Deep folds can occur elsewhere, like under the outer eyebrow, in front of the ear, and below the corner of the mouth (melomental folds or “marionette lines”).


All these folds occur due to the same mechanism: loosely supported skin sinking next to firmly supported skin.


SO: the correct and most anatomical and natural solution to the problem of deep folds is to reverse the process that caused the fold to form. That means lifting the sunken skin.


The gentlest and most gradual way to create such a lift, with products currently available, is to use (agent S) injections to stimulate the formation and then contraction of collagen under the skin. This gives a lifting effect through the cheeks to reverse nasolabial folds and help lift neck skin. It can also help lift smooth and fill skin of the sides of the cheeks and up into the temples. Effects last a total of three years


A series of treatments is required to get these effects from (agent S), with the effects accumulating over months.


Patients needing something more definitive and quicker should consider thread and loop lifting treatments. Using only needles, and without any cutting or stitching or removal of skin, threads with grip are inserted under the skin to physically lift sagging skin and anchor it higher, hitching it under the skin to less saggy parts of the face. The threads stay forever, but, if ever necessary, can always be removed. So threads represent a reversible and safe way to achieve a physical and noticeable lift to sagging facial skin.


Of course, the most dramatic results are achieved by surgery. We don’t offer facelifts through Peach at present but Dr Mahony attends conferences and regular meetings on all aspects of cosmetic surgery and can refer you to the right surgeon, depending on your needs


Then again, many patients want something simpler than all the treatments mentioned so far. The fastest and least expensive way to get an instant improvement in the look of a deep fold is to simply fill it in with a filler or the patient’s own fat.


Unlike the other treatments just discussed, fillers and fat fill in the fold to make it less noticeable. In this regard, it is exactly like seeing a crack in the wall of your living room and deciding to wallpaper over it rather than fix it structurally. Wallpaper makes the cracked wall look better, no doubt, but doesn’t fix the problem, and if the crack in the wall is large then the wallpaper fails to adequately disguise it and the result looks as it is: a failing camouflage attempt to deal with a problem that needs a more definitive solution. Nonetheless, when lines are not too deep and a camouflage is all that is wanted, a filler or your own fat will do the trick (and it is a “trick”) and we will help you with that. Look in the case studies under “nasolabial folds”.


The effect of fillers will last, typically, 9 to 18 months, and if we transfer your own fat into a deep fold, the improvement can last forever.


See us in consultation and we will help you with your deep folds.


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