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No dumb questions please!

NO DUMB QUESTIONS PLEASE   From time to time I am asked to present at one doctors’ meeting or another on topics related to cosmetic medicine, and, in these, I always warn the audience that I want no dumb questions. … Continue reading

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Miss Moustache, anyone?

  Aren’t people strange?   According to this recent piece of journalistic fluff, the number one cosmetic issue women don’t want their men to know about is bleaching/waxing/shaving their moustache:   The odd thing about that is that … Continue reading

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The medical illusionist

An illusionist seeks to pull a rabbit out of his hat. So he walks on stage wearing an ordinary-looking hat. The audience suspects nothing. The hat is removed and demonstrated as unremarkable. Suddenly the rabbit is revealed. Audience is amazed. … Continue reading

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Getting married? Then come *early*!

Saw a couple of women today coming in for a fresh-up prior to their weddings.   If you are thinking about getting treatments for your “big day”, the sooner you come in the better. Occasionally a patient will come in … Continue reading

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Upper inner thigh liposuction – “the gap”

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  One of the most annoying things about carrying extra volume in your thighs is the way your thighs rub together when you walk.   Many of our patients would also rather there be a “gap” between their upper thighs … Continue reading

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Skin surgery – lumps and bumps

Every last one of us, particularly if we are over a certain age and especially if we are fair-skinned, will have unsightly lumps and bumps and moles and marks and tags and bits and pieces we would rather not have … Continue reading

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One size fits all – or none?

As we age, things go wrong.   Chaos mathematics teaches us that any tiny change in the initial conditions from which a reiterative process develops and cycles can lead to great differences in the final outcome. The homeostatic mechanisms that … Continue reading

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Evolution’s fatal flaw

    Why do we grow old?   Why have we evolved so many wonderful mechanisms to grow and compete in this biosphere, yet have not overcome ageing?   Because – it isn’t possible to evolve anti-ageing mechanisms.   Darwinian … Continue reading

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The half-truth of cosmetic medicine

    Fact is, I can’t actually make you younger.   Shock. Amongst our list of services, we don’t offer time travel.   So what we are doing here is using medical and surgical strategies to help you *look* younger, … Continue reading

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Vitamin C ultrasonopheresis

More nutrient, more moisture, more collagen, in the gentlest most soothing way imaginable Scurvy was once the scourge of the high seas. After fifty or sixty days at sea and a diet of biscuits and dried meat, sailors would suffer … Continue reading

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