Breast Liposuction Sydney

The standard way to reduce breast volume is through breast reduction surgery.


BUT breast reduction surgery involves making a long incision under the breast, then another vertical incision from the inframammary fold up to the nipple, and another incision around the nipple as generally the nipple position is altered.


The resultant scar looks like a big anchor.


For further information on formal surgical breast reduction, try this link to the US National Institutes of Health website on breast reduction surgery. Have a look at the incision lines and the resultant scars involved, and if you want this sort of surgery, we can refer you.


But, here at Peach:

we do liposuction, and this includes breast liposuction, to reduce breast volume without long skin scarring.


    The Peach Breast Liposuction Process

Liposuction to the breast is a local-anaesthetic procedure. As with regular liposuction, we give you some sedation to keep you pleasantly comfortable but always able to talk to us. This way, your procedure is safer than having a general anaesthetic, and you are more in control.


Once you are nicely relaxed we start spreading local anaesthetic throughout your breasts. We use a specially-prepared, extremely dilute formula of local anaesthetic, and we use plenty of it to thoroughly numb your entire breasts.


Then, once the breasts are entirely numb and you are nicely relaxed, we can start the suctioning process. To do this we need make only two (2) tiny incisions in the fold under each breast, each incision being just 4-5mm long: less than the width of a pencil. Being placed in the inframammary fold, they heal up extremely well and are each similar to an individual acne scar at worst. Then, through each incision, a 3mm-wide suction cannula is passed, and through this cannula the fat is methodically and systematically suctioned from each and every portion of the breast, from the two angles afforded by the two incisions each breast.


Once we have removed as much fat as we practically can from each breast, we assess the breast for symmetry, smoothness and regularity and when all is well you can shower, dressings are applied along with a compressive garment to reduce swelling and bruising, and you can go home! (someone else has to drive). You will be on oral antibiotics as a further safeguad against infection, and we’ll give you a script for pain tablets (although most patients need only a few of these tablets, and some need none at all).


We’ll review you the next day, change your dressings and take more photos. Most patients are very happy with the results even at this early stage.



Advantages of Breast Reduction by Liposuction over Surgery:

  • Two tiny scars, (as opposed to the extensive anchor-shaped scarring of formal breast reducion surgery)
  • No nipple scars
  • Normal nipple sensation presrved
  • Preserved breast shape
  • Can still breast-feed
  • Local anaesthetic
  • Faster recovery
  • Much less expensive.

Breast Reduction Liposuction is Not suitable for

  • Patients with aged, pendulous, flattened breasts.
  • Those with a personal or family history of breast cancer.

Expected benefits

  • 20-65% volume reduction achieved in well-selected patients. Average is 40%.
  • Breasts keep their natural shape, but are lighter
  • Pre-operative back and shoulder pain either disappears or is substantially reduced.
  • Contraction/elevation. read more

    Liposuction involves a measured and controlled degree of trauma to the breast, and its natural response to this is to lay down collagen. As this new collagen contracts, the breast will contract up and become more firm. The extent to which this may occur cannot be predicted and no guarantee of any particular amount of breast elevation following the procedure can be given, but most patients see a welcome amount of elevation and firming with time.

breast liposuction beforebreast liposuction after


How much does breast liposuction cost?
Breast liposuction is only $4000, plus garment costs.
Inexpensive and safe.


It can’t hurt to ask us whether we think breast liposuction will give you the result you need for a fraction of the cost of formal surgery and with a fraction of the risks. Why not?


As always, we suggest you book an appointment consultation with Dr Mahony to discuss further. Ph 02 9368 0100