Soft year-long dermal filler – from QMed in Sweden

What is the soft year-long dermal filler from Sweden?

It’s a gel-like substance that we inject under lines and wrinkles to fill them in, making them much less visible. Lines and wrinkles represent folds into the skin: fillers help push the skin folds back out, to leave a flatter and less wrinkled result.

This soft Swedish filler is composed of the same substance forming much of the bulk of living tissues throughout the animal kingdom. The naturally-occurring substance itself would be an ideal dermal filler, except for one thing: it’s broken down in a matter of hours. Our own body makes and breaks down this substance all the time: injecting the natural substance would soon lose its effect.

Therefore, in this soft Swedish filler, this substance is modified and cross-linked to give it a more durable structure resistant to being broken down. That’s why it lasts for up to a year and in some situations even several years.

What’s it like having the soft Swedish dermal filler treatment?

After signing the consent form, you will be seated in a treatment chair.

The treatment is mapped out and, with your consent, a pre-treatment photograph is taken.

The doctor then carefully injects the soft year-long dermal filler from Sweden under and parallel to the lines and wrinkles, and that’s it. The treatment has its own anaesthetic agent mixed in, so it numbs as it goes.

Some patients appreciate the application of ice to the treatment area, for added comfort and reduced bruising risk. Others are just as happy without the ice.

Similarly, some patients like to have some of our laughing gas to help them relax during the treatment. Laughing gas makes you feel a little drunk. Then again, others prefer to proceed without gas. We don’t mind either way.

You are advised about post-treatment care, and the treatment is completed. A post-treatment photo is taken.

What are the benefits?

Very significant improvement in fine and moderate lines, generally lasting nine to twelve months or more.

Another popular use for this Swedish soft dermal filler is to give fuller lips.

A small amount of filler can give thin lips better volume and definition. Those with acne scars, especially the deeper ones, find that it can be used to “fill in” these pits, again leaving a smoother result.

And the risks or side effects?

Happily these are few and rare. At the time of treatment you may experience some swelling and bruising. These of course last only a few days. Allergic reactions are rare, at around 0.04%, and mild and localised, as the product’s primary ingredient so closely resembles the naturally occuring form, the only difference being the cross-linkage to make it durable. The dermal filler can feel firm under the skin. Occasionally it might feel uneven. If this is the case, however, it can be easily molded like Plasticine under the skin to even out any irregularities.

Is it painful?

Filler injection used to be painful and used to require local anaesthetic injections. Then, a few years ago, the Swedish manufacturer Q-Med started mixing local anaesthetic (lignocaine) into the filler mixture. This has made a huge difference to the discomfort level, and these filler injection are now more comfortable than anti-wrinkle toxin injections.

If you want, you can have ice and laughing gas as well. You’ll be fine.

We at Peach aim to give you the most natural look possible. We therefore prefer to err on the side of caution and under-correct rather than over-correct. As the semi-permanent dermal filler settles into the skin and the initial swelling, if any, settles as well, you may feel that you need a “top-up” injection. We would rather do such a “top-up” three to six weeks after an initial treatment than risk over-correcting your lines in the first instance, leading to an over-full appearance persisting for perhaps nine months.

however, in the rare instance that a patient describes being over-filled, we can readily dissolve this filler with simple enzyme injections we keep on hand. The filler is then gone in 24 hours.

More information?

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