Abdomen liposuction

The abdomen is the most popular area we treat by liposuction. It is the area most likely to be most prominently disproportionally full in those who are otherwise fit and eating well. It is an area that sometimes stubbornly refuses to reduce despite reasonable efforts at exercise and healthy food intake.

(before, and day after!)


abdomen liposuction beforeabdomen liposuction after

Some people are born to be thin.They eat what they want, and never seem to put on weight. Good luck to them.


abdomen liposuction before


Others find their bodies almost demanding to put on weight, and staying slim is either a perennial struggle or a perennial impossibility.



Others still can achieve the weight they want, yet find they have simultaneously a gaunt face with a fatty belly. They discover, sooner or later, that more sit-ups is not the answer.




(these photos were taken 2 days apart. Liposuction, before and after at Peach)



Many of the photo pairs you see here are taken only a couple of days apart. Results are not enhanced in any way, the only difference between the photos being the liposuction we have performed. Indeed, in a few photos you can see some bruising in the second photo and even some residual Betadine (antiseptic) on the skin.



(Above, you can see that we fixed the appendicectomy scar as well, by means of the simple procedure of subcision)